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We answer questions on the functionality of the site on this page, send your questions to

1) How to create a new advert

We suggest that you add an advert per item and not bunch items of different price together.  This makes it easier for prospective buyers to find.

  • The “Adverts” menu item will have sub=items when you are logged – select “Add Advert”
  • Complete the first section containing your Contact Information. We recommend that you add your telephone number, this is protected from harvesting bots.
  • Complete the Item Information section
    • select category as “General” if a suitable one does not exist, suitable categories will be added during moderation
    • it is highly recommended that you add photos or graphical information by either dropping files or browsing for files
    • if you leave the price field open it will be listed as N/S (not specified)
    • list your town in the location field, or “South Africa” if the item is available everywhere
  • Select the visibility period
  • Review and Publish the advert

The advert is now submitted to moderators for review, and will be visible within 12 hours if the moderators are satisfied that the content complies to the rules.

2) How to renew an expired advert

We use advert expiry as vehicle to keep the information on the site current.  You will receive an email alerting you to the fact that an advert is expiring and you should react as follows if you want to renew it:

  • Log in and pick the “Manage Adverts” item, this is under the pulldown of the “Adverts” main menu item.
  • All adverts will be shown and the ones which expired is marked with a crossed-out eye.
  • Use the “More” button for the advert you want to renew, then pick the “Renew” button.
  • Pick the duration you want the advert to be renewed for and complete the process by pressing “RENEW”
  • Because the content remained unchanged there is no need for re-moderation and the advert will now once again be active for the number of days you selected.

This process can be repeated unlimited times, meaning that your advert could be displayed indefinitely if you keep renewing it (handy for businesses).  You can also renew adverts before they expire.

3) How to edit an advert

Adverts can be edited after publication. You can change any detail on the advert, like the price, title, description or location.  You can also add or delete images,  Follow these steps to edit an advert:

  • Log in and pick the “Manage Adverts” item, this is under the pulldown of the “Adverts” main menu item.
  • Use the “Edit” button for the advert you want to change.
  • Make all the changes you require and store them by pressing the “UPDATE” button.
  • The change is displayed immediately and moderators are alerted to the change.  We do not block it for moderation to streamline the process and to avoid adverts disappearing for viewers from time to time.  Members abusing this and adding content not in line with the rules will be blocked.

This process can theoretically be repeated unlimited times, but the more adverts are changed, the bigger the load on moderators – please avoid changing adverts if not absolutely necessary,

4) How to invite friends to register on this site?

 Send a message using any messenger app like WhatsApp™, Facebook Messenger™, Telegram™, SMS or email to your friend.  We include a sample message below which you can use as content for such a message.  The link portion should not be changed

A new classifieds website needs advertisements in order to function more effectively. Free registration enables you to to place free advertisements and gain exposure for your products and services. This is specifically for South African individuals and companies. The link below takes you to the registration page:

How to get notifications of new adverts on TELEGRAM

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