Data Security


 Why is the reCAPTCHA shown in forms?

This is a test to make sure that only actual humans interact with the website.  Entities wishing to access sites illegitimately frequently employ automated processes to gain access to data and manipulate content on websites, and this step prevents “robots” from gaining access to our site.


Is data being backed up?

We make daily backups to a secure location for the sole purpose of disaster recovery.


Is data disclosed to third parties?

We do not disclose data to third parties, we only allow search engines to index the site in order for it to be more effective.




How does the registration process work?

Registration is free and a valid email address is required.  It is very important that you read and understand the “Terms and Conditions” before initiating the registration process. The link is displayed on the bottom of the site. The process is initiated by clicking the “Register for a free account” link located at the top of the page. Complete the form with your information and the “I’m not a robot” section and submit the form by pressing "CREATE".  You will receive an email to confirm that the email address. Click on the link provided in the email to complete the process. You will be taken back to the site and you are now an active member.


Is regsitration on the site a requirement?

If you only want to view content registration is not a requirement. If you want to actively participate on the site you will have to register. You will only be able to place adverts and interact with advertisers after registration. Whether you register or not, by using the site you are agreeing to the “Terms and Conditions” which can be found on the bottom right of the site.


Is my personal information visible?

None of your personal information is visible to the general public. Registered users will see your contact information. They will not see your email address, but will be able to send you an email using the CommunityAdverts platform.


Can I add additional information after registration?

Yes, use the"My account" link at the top of the page and add additional information.  This will make using the service easier because forms will be pre-filled. 


Advert Placing


How do create an advert listing?

You have to be registered to place an advert. Start by pressing the “Publish your ad for free” button at the top of the page, which triggers the process to create the content for your advert. Required fields are marked wit an asterix (*) and fields may differ for certain categories. The advert is stored when the form is submitted.  At the same time the system dispatches an email with a validation link in order to verify that this is an authorised listing on your name.  Click the link, and the advert is active. Note that we so not have a moderation step before publication.  Make sure that advert content complies to the "Terms and Conditions” of this service - if these are violated you may be banned from this service. It may sound very complicated, but stick to good moral values and you will be fine. We recommend that you include an image or two.


What are the rules and requirements regarding images?

Maximim file size - 2 MB.

Minimum height of 480 pixels

Minimum width of 640 pixels


Can listing information in an advert be updated once published?

The functionality exists and advertisers are welcome to update the content of adverts after publication.


Why are adverts only displayed for a certain time?

Most adverts are displayed for a limited time only, the display duration is linked to the category. Advertisers will receive an email alert a couple of days before expiry to give them an opportunity to easily renew it for display. Adverts can be renewed after expiry, without recreating them.  This method was introduced to prevent our system form being occupied by loads of redundant adverts. This is not only uneconomical for us as service providers, but also a frustration to all respondents when they react on information which is no longer relevant.


May I place adverts in other languages?

It is possible to use any language for an advert, whether it is desirable is the the real question.  The master language for the site is set to English, and search engines index the site accordingly. The object of placing an advert is for people to find it and respond to it. Using other languages in and advert will seriously impact the effectiveness of the search engine index process.  We recommend the you only use English.


Will you always offer free adverts?

Yes, we will always offer a free option. We might, however, have to introduce some kind of fee structure for high volume listings per user in future – for now there is no restriction on the amount of free listings per user.




How do I return to the landing page?

Clicking on the logo will take you back to initial page of the site.  Take note that you will loose information if this is done while you are busy filling out a form.